Sam Eck, Esq.

Sam has forty-two years of general practice as a private practitioner and corporate counsel predominately engaged in civil litigation and estate planning. He is admitted to practice before the state and federal courts in Washington, Colorado and Texas. For the last twenty years his practice has primarily been in the area of estate planning and the resolution of contested estate matters.

Sam provides his clients the necessary advice and support to develop a complete estate plan. This includes information about revocable living trusts and other vehicles to transfer assets on the death of the client. In Sam’s experience too many attorneys are unfamiliar with trusts and prefer to only advise concerning wills, which generate probate fees for the attorney to the detriment of the client. Estate preservation and tax savings are key elements in the overall plan. Sam has drafted wills, trusts, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, real estate deeds and other supporting documentation to implement his clients’ estate plans. Sam lives in Sammamish with his wife, Mary Jo. They have two children, Michael and Emily.