Estate Planning & Settlement

Heritage Benefits™ offers new clients a free estate planning consultation. Of course, existing clients receive this personalized service with ongoing, periodic reviews. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

We believe effective estate planning and settlement is a matter of educating our clients on the tools and options available to properly structure the ownership and beneficiaries of their assets. We do this by selecting and then implementing the resources and tools most appropriate for each individual client to achieve the combined objectives of minimizing their family’s estate planning cost and hassle, while maximizing their control and success in passing on their “remaining assets” to the fortunate next people and generations.

For most people, the best solutions are simple, not complicated. The actual process is surprisingly “easy”, not hard – just unfamiliar.  Our Mission at Heritage Benefits™ is to Simplify Estate Planning & Settlement.

Additionally, we seek to show clients how to legally minimize estate taxes, capital gains taxes and income taxes, while concurrently optimizing the amount of their tax-free retirement, and other assets, for themselves and next generations.



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